Our Story

We are a couple who unexpectedly met and moved to the country. Apart from what we imagined our lives would become, we both have found to love the slow living of the country. We moved into the Stonehouse while expecting our first child and only dreamed about the potential it holds. Not only the house, with thick stone walls, deep window sills and incredible woodworking, but also the property. Filled with grassy pastures, lots of outbuildings we have now transformed into what we call Stonehouse Designs. 

The shed is where all the handmade items are created, the furniture is restored and refinished, and where we spend the most time as a family. The original homestead of the property is where we hope and dream to one day be able to host our customers in person. The barn is where we store everything we can't fit in the shed. It is home to most of the wood that we create into our handmade furniture pieces. It isn't extravagant but it sure is our happy place, and where we hope to one day invite others to experience a day in the country too. 

We are overwhelmed with the beauty of the property. The river flowing through the back with the willow trees hanging low. The green pastures that are home to cattle and calves throughout the sunny months. The large grass areas for us to play as a family. The mature maple trees, the fruit trees. And of course the gardens. Many gardens host our flowering plants that are ready to be taken home in the perfectly collected bouquets. 

We love getting to work with each other each day, with our child and dog running around with us. Hands in the work learning how to cultivate this beautiful land we have been given. We hope that you not only fall in love with our story like we have, but also you find items that provide you with functionality and pause of beauty each time you notice them serving you in your home. We aren't fancy but this is us in the Stonehouse. 

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